RSCAngel Wiki

RSCAngel RuneScape Classic private server

Why play RSCAngel? 1. RSCAngel is almost a year old!

2. It has a F2P world which is just like non member and a P2P world like member but both are 100% free!!!

3. Also unlike any other server it has an active communnity of 200+ users online at any time.

4. No download! Just like real Runescape Classic!

5. All skills work 100%.

6. Quests are being coded everyday by staff and players and you can write your own quests and if they are good they will be added ingame!

7. Staff is 100% dedicated they aren't just little teenagers they are adults with tons of java coding experince and a love for runescape classic.

8. RSCA isnt going anywere! Server is here for good one day RSCA will be the only place to play Runescape Classic.